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About Us

Founded in 2018 and officially launched in 2019, Avenevv is a software-driven marketplace that connects event planners with unique event venues and spaces. 


With more than 40 years of combined experience in the events industry, we aspire to drive innovations and uncover possibilities with great minds and ideas to revolutionise the future of events.

Our Ecosystem

As passionate event planners and enthusiasts ourselves, we have always seen events in a bigger picture beyond venues. Since our very first day of starting Avenevv, we have aspired to be bridge that brings different stakeholders from the ecosystem together, starting with venue partners.


This ideal inspired us to, concurrently, develop and build several brainchildren to not only support our venue partners in their growth journey, but also help re-imagine their roles in an evolving world of events.

Our Ecosystem
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Avenevv is a software-driven marketplace that enables venues to showcase their unique event spaces, and optimises for Lead Generation and Conversion through rigorous, proactive marketing efforts, frictionless user interface and data-driven venue management system.

With our dedicated in-house venue curation, we also hope to enable event planners to discover, visualise and virtually experience new and exciting venues that suit their events' needs. 

Click on each of our project logos below to find out more. 

Our Partners

In our pursuit of bringing the global event community together, we also work closely with our global event partners network that spans across different categories: event technology, F&B, as well as event services



Expectations for events have become greater more than ever. Event planners have gone beyond just meeting the events’ objectives, but constantly seek means to bring new, bold and unique elements into each of their creations.

As they continue to innovate and deliver unforgettable event experiences, we also observe the emergence of game-changing event technologies across the spectrum in response to these prevailing needs. Check out our network of event technology partners to stay on top of the trend!



While F&B has long been a crucial and indispensable part for events, in recent years we have also observed a shift in expectations and demands for catering services. Given the rapid changes in consumer lifestyle and dining preferences, our F&B partners have also been continuously innovating to offer refreshing and interesting treats that could best tailor to your guests' needs and palate.


Check them out for your next event!



With event and tourism needs becoming increasingly more complex and sophisticated, event service partners also took on an important role, transforming the event experience to bring about the best customer experience. Here at Avenevv, we had the pleasure of collaborating with many leading service partners in Singapore and globally.

Event Inspiration 

Check out tips and inspiration for your next event!

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