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Event Planner FAQ


1. How does Avenevv work?

Avenevv is a venue marketplace that connects event planners and venue managers. Event planners can discover unique venues for your occasions on Avenevv, while venues can showcase their features and facilities, enjoying more outreach and generating leads seamlessly. Event planners are able to search for venues based on requirements that you care about the most, find out more about your interested venues and directly request for quote on the platform.

2. How much does it cost to use Avenevv?

Avenevv is free to use for event planners. You are able to send your request to as many venues as you would like at no cost, no hidden charges. Once the venue has received your request, the venue manager will be in touch with you directly to discuss the pricing and other requirements covered in your request. Avenevv no longer manages your booking and payment on our platform.

3. What types of event can I find venue for?


Our venue network welcomes all types of events! Whether you are planning a product launch or networking event for your company, a retreat for your team or even an anniversary with your loved ones - you would be able to find a space on Avenevv.


4. What type of spaces can I find on Avenevv


We partner with a wide spectrum of venues - be it hotels, co-working spaces, offices, restaurants, sports centres or even unique spaces, you will find just the place you need for your next event! 

5. How do I request for quote on Avenevv?

You would be able to send your request in 3 ways:

  1. If you intend to only request for quote from 1 space, you may do so directly on that Space Profile. 

  2. If you intend to request for quote from many spaces under a venue, you may click "View All" under the section "Other spaces under this venue" at the bottom of a Space Profile to view the respective Venue Profile. There you will have an option to request for quote from all spaces under that venue. 

  3. If you intend to request for quote from many spaces across different venues, you may add any interested space into MyList and fill in your event details to mass request for quote.

6. What is an Event Package and how can I book one?

Event Packages are crafted by our venue managers to help you manage different aspects of your event seamlessly. Event Packages may cover F&B or other services beyond the just the venue cost to provide you with more convenience and inspiration. You would be able to browse for ideas and packages by clicking on the tab "Event Packages" above. 

To book any of your interested packages, please indicate your preference directly in your request for quote form, under "Remarks" so that the venue managers can address your request for the package(s) as well when responding.

7. What happens after I submit a request?

Upon receiving your request from the platform, the venue managers will receive an email notification. They are able to access their Venue Manager Dashboard and have the option to unlock leads to view your contact and event details. The venue managers may reach out to you directly based on your provided information to share the quote and discuss further.

8. How long do I expect to hear from the venue?

We encourage our venue managers to get back to you as soon as possible, but different venues may have different response time. If it has been too long since you have sent out the request, we would encourage you to revisit out site and reach out to another great space!

9. Why should I request for quote through Avenevv?

Beside the fact that there is no cost in using our platform, you may also have the opportunity to enjoy attractive rewards from products and services under the Avenevv family if you use the same email address to request for quote for different venues on various occasions! Do stay on the lookout for the Rewards Banners on our Home Page or follow our social media to get the most updated news about our Rewards programme.

10. What if I need help booking my event venue?

If you are unable to find your venue of choice, please feel free to reach out to us via the Facebook Messenger plugin on our website or email us at and we are happy to assist you!

11. What if there is a venue that I would like to request for quote from your platform but it is not listed?

We are always on the look for new and exciting venues that best meet your needs! Share with us your recommendation via the Facebook Messenger plugin on our website or email us at and we are more than happy to explore potential collaboration with the venues that are yet to be on our radar!

12. Is Avenevv available in my country?

Avenevv is currently only active in Singapore. We will keep you informed as we expand!

13. What is AveLIVE and how can AveLIVE support my hybrid event?

AveLIVE (under Avenevv) is a virtual event platform for customised creative solutions and high-engagement elements. With a full suite of end-to-end solutions ranging from ticketing, registration, virtual stage and livestream, virtual lobby, virtual exhibition hall, virtual booth to gamification mechanisms, AveLIVE helps augment your event experience, bringing it to the online sphere to reach and engage audience across the world.

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